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What Makes Mentoring Different and Special

Posted by 104Inc.com on November 21, 2008

The Key to mentoring is often the special effort, imagination, insight or awareness that the mentor gives – effort that goes above and beyond the expectations of the existing relationship.

Below are some factors which can influence whether an acquaintance, co-worker, friend or relative makes the transition to the role of a mentor.

*  Mentoring requires a primary focus on the needs of the mentee and an effort to fulfill the most critical of these needs.

*  Mentoring is often built on a just-in-time principle where the mentor offers the right help at the right time.  A potential mentor must recognize when the mentee feels free to expose a deep-felt need, thereby enabling the mentor to provide the right help at the right time to the best of the mentor’s ability.

*  Much of what the mentor offers is personal learning or insight, which has never been written down anywhere.  The mentor may not be aware of what he or she can offer until a mentee expresses a need or desire and the mentor realizes there may be a match between something they know and what their mentee needs.

*  Mentoring requires going the extra mile for someone else. Many people may think twice about adding such a commitment to their busy lives.  However, if they choose to do so, the rewards of personal achievement, mentee appreciation, and sense of helping to build a better society can be enormous.

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