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Paying For Traffic and Getting it For Free – The 2 Sides Explained

Posted by 104Inc.com on February 5, 2009

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The question is asked so many times on the internet today. People try to answer it here and there, but no one seems to give a definitive yes or no answer to it. Would you prefer to pay for traffic? Or get it for free? Well, if asked in this manner, then the answer would be obvious. Everyone likes free stuffs. But paid traffic has some uniqueness as well.

Just like many other things in the world today, it is very difficult to respond to this question with a yes or a no answer. However one can always give the advantages and disadvantages of both methods of traffic generation.

Below, I’ve summarize 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of both methods.

Disadvantages of search engine optimization.

1. The main disadvantage of search engine optimization is the time factor. It may take a very long time for you to crack the “get raked high” code and rank on the first page of the organic search results for a popular keyword. This is not a piece of cake and it is not given to any Tom and Dick to do it. It may take a considerable amount of time and perseverance to ever rank high in the organic search results. If at all you ever rank high.

2. Another big disadvantage of search engine optimization is that most search engine users who click on the websites found on the organic search results are just looking for free information, so therefore are not ready to make any purchase at that time. So if you are running a website that you expect people to buy, then your conversion rate could be low on organic searches.

Advantages of search engine optimization

1. Free advertising. The main advantage of organic search result is that it is free. Once you find your website ranked on the 1st page of a main search engine for a popular keyword, then you start getting free targeted traffic to your website. This is great for advertisers or webmaster because they will keep on getting this free advertising as long as they keep ranking high in the organic search results. Unlike pay per click advertising where your advertising stops the same second you stop paying for your clicks.

2. The second advantage of organic search results is that they occupy more space on the computer screen. About 70% of a typical Google search results page is filled up with organic results. This means that they have more advertising space than sponsored links.

The disadvantages of pay per click

1. The main disadvantages of pay per click advertising is the fact that you pay for advertising on the left hand side of your computer screen, while your competitors are getting that same advertising for free on the right hand side of your computer screen.

2. Another big disadvantage of pay per click is short term basis. Once you stop paying for clicks, that is it, you don’t get any clicks. Unlike search engine optimization, where you keep on getting clicks as long as you remain highly ranked in the organic search results. Added to the disadvantages is that fact that Google AdWords is kind of hard to master. Though Google claims that their AdWords platform is easy to understand, this is not the case. To succeed with AdWords, you should have an IQ that is above average.

The advantages of pay per click advertising

1. When it comes to targeting the audience who could likely buy your product, pay-per-click is King. Most Google users are aware that search results that appear on the right hand side of their computer screens are sponsored links. This means that someone is paying for that information to appear there! With this in mind, they are more likely to be qualified buyers, than people who are just searching for free information on the internet.

2. When Advertising on Google AdWords, you can set the specific business objectives you want to meet. For example, if your business objective is generating leads and identifying prospect, then Pay Per Click advertising would track ads that lead to this result, for example event registration and news letter registration. If your business objective is to Brand, Build awareness and educate prospect, then AdWords would do a good job of giving you highly targeted impression and qualified visits to your website. And finally if your business objective is to generate sales and acquire new customers, then Pay Per Click can help you track your conversion, by measuring what you identify as a goal. This could be done using the inbuilt conversion tracker available within the Google AdWords interface. With conversion tracking, advertisers can easily track sales, registrations, catalog requests and much more.

I would not give a Clair cut answer to this question either, but form the advantages and disadvantages I have outlined above, you can judge for your self. As for me I use both methods of advertising, but pay per click as for now has been yielding more fruits than SEO.

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