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About TenFourInc.com

Our story at 104Inc is simple: We like to help others.  Imagine a team that consists of family and friends who all have the same passion in life.  Imagine a group of individuals who sacrifice so much everyday in-order to attain their goal and one day live their dream.  Now, imagine the amount of effort, motivation and discipline it takes for ordinary people like us having a burning desire to accomplish something extraordinary.  Here at 104Inc, we have the opportunity to do all of that.  We have, the aspiration, the zeal and the motivation to help others in areas where they are less fortunate, including our own family and friends.


Our goal is to start living our passion within our local communities, and slowly expand through the entire country, and eventually the world.  Why not?  Why can’t a group of regular people do such an irregular thing?  The world can change, one person at a time, and we would like to make that happen.  Through 104Inc, we plan to assist individuals through community services and charities, along with any daily needs that they may have, such as the desire for news, entertainment, and much more.  At the same time, we plan to assist small businesses to help them create awareness and be recognized.  104Inc is not out to be a multi-billion dollar company by taking as much as we can.  We plan to be successful by giving as much as we can.  If this is the type of thing that stirs your passion, come join our family and friends to make it happen!

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