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Playoffs in College Football?

Posted by 104Inc.com on October 14, 2008

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USC was the top ranked team for the first 4 weeks of the college football, until they lost to Oregon State in Corvallis.  Oregon State isn’t a bad team, but USC shouldn’t have lost to them.  Their only excuse is that it was a road game.  But, shouldn’t national championship teams be able to win on the road?

The University of Oklahoma took over as the top team for the next 2 weeks until they got beat at the Cotton Bowl by the University of Texas this past weekend.  This is a big rivalry game, so ratings don’t matter when these teams play.  Texas beating Oklahoma isn’t a big upset.

The teams that remain undefeated are Texas, Alabama, Penn State, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, BYU, Utah, Tulsa, and Ball State.  Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State all play each over the next 4 weekends.  So, only one of those teams will be undefeated and odds are all of them will suffer a defeat.

BYU and Utah play each other on November 22nd, which means one of those teams will be knocked from the ranks of the unbeaten.  The winner of that game will probably be undefeated.  Ball State is ranked 25th and faces a hard time moving far enough up in the ratings to even get into a BCS game.  They also face two-time defending MAC champion Central Michigan on the road.  Neither Boise State nor Tulsa is even ranked, so they don’t count.

That leaves us with Penn State as the only other team that has a chance at an undefeated season.  They have their two hardest games at home – Ohio State and Michigan State.  Penn State has looked tough, but losing one of those games wouldn’t be surprising.
Put all those things together and either BYU or Utah has a good chance to be in the BCS championship game.  Boise State was a nice story when it beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta two years ago, but that wasn’t the national championship game.  BYU or Utah will definitely lose to the winner of the SEC title game and would even be trounced by loser of that game.

It is time for a playoff in college football.  Something like an 8 team playoff that could still use the existing bowl games.  We just want a little fairness in the world and that is what 104inc.com is about.

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